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Welcome to Kaasa Heights

Kaasa Heights is a Homeowners Association located in Scott County, Iowa.  Nestled up to Scott County Park, its four additions are comprised of 39 lots spanning three streets.


Restrictive Covenants

Restrictive Covemants for each addition are located in "Documents".  A few points of interest in these covenants are:


  • Fences, outbuildings and clothes lines are not allowed.  

  • No boats, trailers or vehicles are to be stored outside.

  • Any changes to the exterior of your home need to be approved by the HOA.


 A link to an aerial map of the subdivision is provided above.  The lake is a private lake for resident use only.



Invoices are emailed to homeowners in January of each year and are currently at $250 per year.


Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Association is held on the 4th Sunday of August.  We generally hold this at a pavilion in Scott County Park.


Garbage Collection. 

All of the homes in the addition use Republic for garbage collection.  A rate has been negotiated with them and using one service limits the number of garbage trucks on our streets and has waste containers out only one day of the week.   The Association bills each resident and pays Republic once a year for this service.

Questions?  Please feel free to email the Board at the link below.

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